“Being coached by Kira has truly changed my life. Kira has made me feel comfortable in expressing my sexuality in a way that I never have been able to before. It has been a truly liberating experience. I have learned so much about myself; areas that I really need to work on internally and areas that I need to stop worrying about and appreciate in myself. It never occurred to me to seek out a coach before I met Kira, but now I have a hard time imagining life without her guidance. Her guidance cuts through to so many personal struggles beyond sexual relationships that impacts the way I interact with the world. The end of every session leaves me feeling more at peace than when I walk in. Kira’s attentiveness, compassion, and expertise, among many other exceptional attributes make this possible.”

– Nick, Philadelphia PA


“Kira is an incredible coach. I was having trouble connecting with my partner at the same time as I was slowly coming out to myself in several ways. I contacted Kira because I knew that my intimacy and pleasure had room to improve, and that the process of becoming more comfortable as myself could be empowering instead of scary, but I wasn’t sure where to even begin. Kira established a safe space and encouraged me to both be comfortable and challenge myself. She helped me develop a closer relationship with my partner, and set me on the path to truly being myself. I cannot thank her enough.”

– Will, Ann Arbor MI


“Our sessions can be best characterized by ease of conversation, deep empathy, and insightful but gentle guidance. I remember the first time she worked with me, within a few minutes of conversation I felt like I could entrust her with all of my most intimate problems and she would do her best to help me be ok again. Examining my life right now I can attribute many of the most profound transformations directly to her guidance. Everything she did with me were fantastic. Her sensitivity to my hurts and wounds and her skill at helping me recognize them and process them through deep body work continue to impress me to this day. If a respectful, non-intrusive and objective voice is what you are looking for to make sense of whats going on in your life and relationships, if the pain and baggage from your past is weighing you down, then Kira is the coach for you. I cannot recommend her enough, and I expect to be using her amazing services for many years to come.”

— Alex Wang, Los Angeles CA


“Kira because of your coaching and friendship, I have had the space to totally reinvent my relationship with my fiance. I discovered that I was treating her like if she wasn’t perfect, and I couldn’t make our relationship work that I would never have a great romantic relationship ever again.

I see that conversation running in the background, I was able to share that with her and let it go. and she did the same with her own version of that conversation. The biggest conversation we had that made a difference was when you said ‘sometimes in a relationship you just need space to have a tantrum and let it be OK’

Hearing that, and realizing that I could do that allowed me to let my fiance act any way and I could support her instead of fight with her. As a result she is upset MUCH less often! (who knew?!?!)

Now we are free to be with each other however we want and support each other however we want. The intimacy and love has NEVER been like this and it is all thanks to you 🙂

The simple weekly conversations and total safe space that you provide makes a world of difference. I really get the feeling that anything I have to share is ok to share and I feel very safe.

Thank you”

– Evan Norrgard, Seattle WA


“From the beginning, she was open to and interested in what I had to say, and I found myself, gradually, telling her things I’d never said to anyone before. My words were met with thoughtful responses and exercises that changed my perspective and gave me the tools I needed to experience life more fully. Her compassion has rubbed off on me, in the kind and supportive approach I take toward myself these days. And throughout our time together, Kira has remained a solid source of kind attention and strength. Together, we are laying a foundation for a mature approach to human connection and intimacy: trust.

I could go on for hours about the difference Kira has made in my life, but to keep it short and sweet: Kira changed the way I see myself and how I connect with other people. For decades I kept my love for people bottled up, too scared to express it openly. Now, I am more free in loving myself and others.”

– Anonymous, Philadelphia PA


“Kira, you’re doing God’s work!

… And the Devil’s work, but in a good way.”

– D., San Francisco CA